Olympics Round-Up, Day 5: No Heavyweights ({{commentsTotal}})

Young gun Kristjan Ilves gave hope to Estonia in the first part of the day, finishing 17th in the first leg of the Nordic combined competition, but sadly the second leg brought the nation back down to earth.

Nordic combined, normal hill, jumping

1. Eric Frenzel, GER, 131.5 points
17. Kristjan Ilves, EST, 117.3 points, 97.5 m jump
43. Han Hendrik Piho, EST, 102.8 points, 90.5 m
45. Karl-August Tiirmaa, EST, 99.9 points, 89.5 m

The top 46 qualified for the cross-country skiing leg.

Nordic combined, cross-country skiing, 10 km pursuit

1. Eric Frenzel, GER, 23:50
41. Kristjan Ilves, EST, + 3:33
43. Han Hendrik Piho, EST, + 3:52
44. Karl-August Tiirmaa, EST, + 4:39

"Competng here is something else compared to a World Cup stage, an excellent experience,“ Ilves, who is only 17, told ETV after the race.

In other news, Viktor Romanenkov, who is set to compete in men's figure skating today, said he has lost 3 kilograms due to nervousness in the last few days.

He told Delfi on Wednesday that he now finds it harder to jump on the ice.

Latvia picked up its first medal of the games on Wednesday, a bronze from the doubles luge event.

Today in Sochi:
12:00 Cross-country: Women's 10 km classic (Ojaste)
16:00 Biathlon: Men's 20 km individual (Ermits, Kõiv, Tobreluts, Steptšenko)
17:00 Figure skating: Men's short program (Romanenkov)