Olympics Round-Up, Day 6: Top 30 Reached ({{commentsTotal}})

An Estonian athlete has finally attained a top 30 finish, although on the same day as Latvia picked up its second medal of the Sochi Winter Games.

Cross-country, women's 10 km classic

1. Justyna Kowalczyk, POL, 28:18
45. Triin Ojaste, EST, + 3:36

“In a small country like Estonia, Kristina (Šmigun-Vähi), Andrus (Veerpalu) or Jaak (Mae) aren't born every day. We have a generational change and need to have patience,” said Mati Alaver, the head coach of the cross-country skiing team, to ETV after Thursday's race.

Biathlon, men's 20 km individual

1. Martin Fourcade, FRA, 49:31, one miss
29. Indrek Tobreluts, EST, + 3:31, two missed
62. Daniil Steptšenko, EST, + 6:43, three missed
70. Kalev Ermits, EST, + 7:33, two missed
78. Kauri Kõiv, EST, + 8:46, seven missed

“The shooting part was OK. I was actually fighting leg cramps in the third lap,” said Tobreluts, adding that two misses is a good result.

He said he was very happy to beat 7-time Olympic gold medalist Ole Einar Bjorndalen, from Norway, who finished 34th.

Figure skating, men's short program

23. Viktor Romanenkov, 61.55 points

Despite losing 3 kilograms in the last few days due to nervousness, the 20-year-old figure skater qualified for the next round, albeit he was the next to last to do so.

Romanenkov entered the rink after Russian Evgeni Plushenko, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and had earlier said that it frightened him to perform after one of the sport's most famous names. But Plushenko dropped out at the last moment due to a injury, giving the Estonian more confidence.

Latvia earned its second medal of the Games, a second bronze in luge, this time in the team relay event.

Valentine's Day Sochi:

12:00 Cross-country: Men's 15 km classic (Kärp, Ränke, Rehemaa, Tammjärv)
16:00 Biathlon: Women's 15 km individual (Gaim, Lehtla, Jurlova, Talihärm)
17:00 Figure Skating: Men's free program (Romanenkov)
19:30 Ski Jumping: Large hill, qualification (Nurmsalu, Sammelselg)