Tammeka's Spin-Off to Play in Top Football League ({{commentsTotal}})

Tartu Tammeka's football school, which broke off from its parent club, has been givien a place in Estonia's top football league for the 2014 season.

The Tammeka Football School, now known as Tartu JK (JalgpalliKool) Tammeka said in a press release today that they have accepted an offer to fill the former spot of the Tartu Tammeka club, after it was thrown out for failing a number of basic requirements at the beginning of February.

Tartu Tammeka failed to name a head coach, or sign contracts for training and match-day facilities by the Football Association's deadline. Players and other staff also rebelled against club president Jane Afshar, saying the club owed them five months wages, among other problems.

The school is led by Tammeka's former team captain, Kristjan Tiirik.

Afshar said she is sad they could not reach an agreement, adding that at least the Tammeka name will continue to be represented in top-flight football.

Tartu JK Tammeka is expected to compete in league play on March 8 with the players inherited from Tartu Tammeka.