Paet: Only EU-US Cooperation Will Help Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said that despite recent thorns in the relationship between the two, cooperation between the US and the EU will aid Ukraine the most.

Paet met Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns and Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland in Washington D.C., ETV reported on Friday evening. Nuland's recently leaked phone call to a colleague caused a rift in EU-US relations after she used profanity to describe EU's shortcomings in dealing with the situation in Ukraine.

Paet said deeds are more important than words, and EU has done a great deal to help Ukraine. The US is also increasing its involvement in the troubled state, he said.

The US understands the only way forward is for the US to cooperate with the EU, Paet said, adding such cooperation can also help issues involving Moldova and Georgia.

NATO expansion was also discussed in Washington, with Paet suggesting new states could be invited to join the organization at the next summit in September 2014.