Eesti Energia’s Market Share Suffers Sharp Drop in January ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: (Reuters/Scanpix)

The market share of the energy giant Eesti Energia, in terms of its balance portfolios, dropped sharply in the new year and stood at 60 percent in January.

In December, Eesti Energia’s share was 71.6 percent, reported Tuesday.

Meanwhile, several smaller suppliers bolstered their positions in the market: Elektrum, for example, expanded its share from 9.6 percent to 14.6 percent.

According to Eesti Energia’s spokesperson Eliis Vennik, the big shift in January was caused by a few great electricity consumers changing their supplier.

“Major clients are very active in the electricity market," she said. "There are quite a few enterprises in Estonia that change their supplier several times a year."

Elering’s head, Taavi Veskimägi, said the Estonian market is now beginning to resemble a competitive market with several providers.