Parliament Unified Over Border Treaty Ratification ({{commentsTotal}})

Parliament Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

All four Parliament factions in Estonia said they will approve the border treaty with Russia.

The four factions of the Reform Party, IRL, the Center Party and Social Democrats said last year that a border treaty is necessary, and all four told Tuesday they have no objections to the agreement which was signed in Moscow that morning.

Enn Eesmaa, a Center Party MP, said the document could open the way for more treaties with Russia.

Jevgeni Ossinovski of the Social Democrats said his party included the necessity of a border treaty into its program for the 2011 parliamentary elections, adding that the text signed Tuesday meets their position.

IRL's Kaia Iva said her party supports the treaty for security and practical reasons.

No date has been set for the Estonian Parliament to vote on the treaty.