Olympics Round-Up, Day 11: Top 10 in First Round ({{commentsTotal}})

Kristjan Ilves finished eighth in the jumping part of the Nordic combined event, but fell to 34th in the second part of the competition. Today's races should be very interesting for Estonian viewers as Jelena Glebova, considered the most in-form Estonian athlete, and Warren Cummings Smith, the nation's wild card, take to the slopes.

Alpine skiing, women's giant slalom

Run 1
1. Tina Maze, SLO, 1:17.88
68. Triin Tobi, EST, + 16.77

Run 2
1. Viktoria Rebensburg, GER, 1:17.90
61. Triin Tobi, EST, + 16.62

1. Tina Maze, SLO, 2:36.87
61. Triin Tobi, EST, + 32.30

Nordic combined, large hill, jumping

1. Eric Frenzel, GER, 129.0 points, 139.5 meters
8. Kristjan Ilves, EST, 117.2 points, 125.0 meters
21. Karl-August Tiirmaa, EST, 104.3 points, 123.0 meters
37. Han Hendrik Piho, EST, 95.3 points, 118.0 meters

Nordic combined, 10 km cross-country skiing

1. Joergen Graabak, NOR, 23:27
34. Kristjan Ilves, EST, + 2:44
36. Han Hendrik Piho, EST, + 2:47
44. Karl-August Tiirmaa, EST, + 4:17

Ilves told ETV after the second leg that he has a long season behind him and he felt tired, adding that he worked hard to earn his place in Sochi, sacrificing proper preparation for the Games.

Today in Sochi:
09:00 Alpine skiing: Men's giant slalom Run 1 (Smith)
12:06-14:15 Cross-country: Men's team sprint classic (Kümmel, Ränkel, Rehemaa, Sellis)
12:30 Alpine skiing: Men's giant slalom Run 2 (Smith)
16:30 Biathlon: Mixed Relay (Ermits, Gaim, Jurlova, Kõiv, Lehtla, Lessing, Steptšenko, Talihärm, Tobreluts)
17:00 Figure Skating: Ladies short program (Glebova)