Ukraine Far From Dialogue, Says Estonian MP ({{commentsTotal}})

Former Education Minister Mailis Reps, who is currently in Kiev as part of a EU mission, told ETV that emotions are very high and the recent violence by authorities is contradictory to President Viktor Yanukovych's previous calls for talks.

The current death toll from the beginning of Tuesday's attack on protesters has reached 25, according to the BBC.

Reps told ETV this morning that Ukrainian special forces have arrested hundreds and taken them to unknown locations, but not to police stations.

“I have been there for a long period during the night, I can confirm that protesters do not have any weapons other than rocks and wooden clubs [...]” Reps said.

She said 99 percent of the people on Independence Square, also known as the Maidan, are standing for Ukraine, and going against them with violence and armored vehicles is not the way to open a dialogue.