Olympics Round-Up, Day 12: False Dawn ({{commentsTotal}})

In what could have been a turn-around day for the Estonian Olympic team in Sochi, Elena Glebova, perhaps the nation's best hope, failed to even qualify for the next event, while two relay teams also had performances worth forgetting.

Alpine skiing, men's giant slalom

Run 1
1. Ted Ligety, USA, 1:21.08
48. Warren Cummings Smith, EST, + 7.17

Run 2
1. Steve Missillier, FRA, 1:23.19
45. Warren Cummings Smith, EST, + 5.98

1. Ted Ligety, USA, 2:45.29
45. Warren Cummings Smith, EST, + 12.13

Cross-country, men's team sprint classic, heat 1

1. Germany, after round 1: 4th; round 2: 1st; round 3: 2nd; round 4: 1st; round 5: 1st; round 6: 1st. 23:36
7. Estonia, after 1: 9th; round 2: 6th; round 3: 6th; round 4: 6th; round 5: 7th; round 7: 7th. 24:26.

The top two from the two heats qualified for the final, and the six teams which showed the fastest times from either heat also qualified. Estonia missed out by 43 seconds.

Biathlon, mixed relay

1. Norway, 1:09:17, two missed
16. Estonia, Lapped, 23 missed

Last place.

Figure skating, ladies short program

1. Yuna Kim, KOR, 74.92 points
29. Elena Glebova, EST, 46.19

The Top 24 qualified for the free program today.

“You (ERR journalists) were at the training session yesterday and saw how flawlessly I performed. It is disappointing that I was ready, but could not make it pay at the competition,” Glebova told ERR radio after the event, adding that she competed on the ice first and did not have time to calm herself down.

As Glebova failed to qualify for the free program, no Estonians will take part in Sochi competitions today.