Mikser: No Three-Party Coalition in Sight ({{commentsTotal}})

Sven Mikser
Sven Mikser Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Social Democrats Chairman Sven Mikser said Wednesday there is no point for his party to join a coalition where right-wing partners have an absolute majority in the parliament.

The Social Democrats submitted eight bills to the parliament and explained that this helps to make governing more open and reduce political estrangement, ETV reported.

Other parties have speculated that the move may indicate the Social Democrats' wish to be part of the next coalition but Mikser thinks it is unlikely.

According to him, the views of Social Democrats on social issues differ considerably from those of the Reform Party and IRL. That was also the reason the Social Democrats left the coalition with the Reform Party and IRL in 2009.

The next government should be a majority government that the Reform Party could form with either IRL or the Center Party, he added.

The Social Democrats are open to discussions of their positions should the current government step down, but Mikser was doubtful that this parliament will see a three-party coalition.