Ansip Skeptical on Liberal-Right-Left Coalition ({{commentsTotal}})

Prime Minister Andrus Ansip, rumored to announce his resignation on Sunday, said a three-party coalition would be too large and would not last.

“I have preferred a coalition with IRL,” Ansip said, adding that the question about what the future coalition would look like should be addressed to his successor, reported today.

However, he did not consider it likely that the current coalition of Reform Party and IRL would be expanded to include the Social Democrats.

Coalitions with a moderate majority prove to be the most sustainable; 51 seats is not enough and 75 is far too many, Ansip said.

He denied reports that the Reform Party will elect a new chairman and board already on 2 March, because party procedures require the agenda to be approved a month in advance and a leadership change is not on the current agenda.