ERR in Kiev: No Signs of Cooling Down, Watch Video ({{commentsTotal}})

ERR correspondent Igor Taro said that the situation in Kiev is tense with no signs of cooling, and dozens of people have been killed today.

Taro, who is in Kiev, said that protesters have grown angrier and want revenge, and the sounds of bullets and explosions can he heard in and around the Independence Square. If the violence continues, which it is expected to do, Taro said, the whole square will be littered with bodies.

Few rioters still harbor hopes of talks with president Viktor Yanukovych, Taro said, and protesters are erecting new barricades.

Taro said at 15:00 Estonian time today that security forces have retreated, but that could also be a sign of regrouping for a new attack.

“We have seen that the police have shot and killed at least 30 people today and injured dozens more,” Taro said, adding that some protesters are carrying small caliber handguns.

The video contains disturbing images.