Ukrainian Deal Reached; Violence Could Continue ({{commentsTotal}})

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, opposition leaders and representatives of the EU and Russia have reached a tentative deal to regulate the country's crisis, but skepticism remains.

Negotiations lasted throughout the night, with the agreement set to be signed at noon today, the BBC reported.

Details are yet to be revealed, but some conditions could be early presidential elections and changes to the constitution.

Despite the talks, ERR's correspondent in Kiev, Igor Taro, reported this morning that the night passed peacefully, but that protesters were busy building more barricades on the Independence Square, fearing another attack by security forces.

According to various reports, between 40 and 100 people were killed on Thursday, mostly from gunfire by police marksmen.

The fallen remembered in Tallinn

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Tallinn held a service last night to remember those who died in the week's clashes.

The Estonian Red Cross has opened a drive to collect donations for those injured in the protests. For more information (in Estonian), click here.