All Eesti Laul Finalists Named ({{commentsTotal}})

The last five songs to head for the final of Eesti Laul 2014 were chosen on Friday. The winners will compete for a spot at this year's Eurovision contest in Copenhagen in May.

The five winners from Friday will compete against Tanja, Wilhelm, Super Hot Comsos Blues Band, Kõrsikud and Lenna on March 1.

Tonight song's are (winners in bold):

1. “Search” by Norman Salumäe. Author: Norman Salumäe, listen here
2. “Lootus” (Hope) by Lauri Pihlap. Author: Lauri Pihlap, listen here
3. “Muud pole vaja” (Nothing Else Needed) by Nion. Authors: Karl Kanter, Keit Triisa, Marilyn Jurman, listen here
4. “Elu” (Life) by Maltised. Author: Jakko Maltis, listen here
5. “City Lights” by Sofia Rubina. Authors: Priit Juurmann, Sofia Rubina, listen here
6. “Fearful Heart” by MiaMee. Authors: Liina Saar, Liisi Koikson, listen here
7. “Für Elise” (For Elise) by Traffic. Authors: Stig Rästa, Silver Laas, listen here
8. “Siin või sealpool maad” (This or the Other Side of Earth) by Maiken. Author: Kadri Koppel, listen here
9. “Kui tuuled pöörduvad” (When the Winds Turn) by Sandra Nurmsalu. Author: Sven Lõhmus, listen here
10. “Laule täis taevakaar” (Sky Full of Songs) by Brigita Murutar. Authors: Rainer Michelson, Feliks Kütt, listen here

The main page of Eesti Laul (in Estonian) can be found here.