12,000 Children Took Part in President’s Drawing Competition ({{commentsTotal}})

The drawing competition "Good Estonian Things", announced by President Toomas Hendrik Ilves in late 2013, attracted 11,895 entries, more than 500 of which will be exhibited as outdoor posters in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Narva, Haapsalu and Rakvere during the Republic’s birthday celebrations.

The children valued Estonia’s clean nature, four seasons, good food products, high quality schools, teachers, doctors, and soldiers, uudised.err.ee reported.

The drawings also demonstrated that children cherish their friends and families, pets and wild animals. Estonian history, traditions, folk costumes, song and dance festivals also merited a mention. Even technological achievements like Skype and EstCube were represented.

“In 10-15 years, today’s children will be shaping our country. I looked forward to seeing their vision of Estonia and I am sincerely happy about such a great number of drawings,” Ilves said.

The selection for outdoor posters was based on the greatest possible geographical variety.

The entries can be viewed on Ilves’ Facebook page.