Prosecutor General Seeking to Strip Immunity from Three MPs ({{commentsTotal}})

Prosecutor General Norman Aas
Prosecutor General Norman Aas Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The Prosecutor General has asked the Chancellor of Justice to petition for the Parliament’s approval to strip Priit Toobal, Lauri Laasi and Urbo Vaarmann, all from the Center Party, of their parliamentary immunity and make a statement of charges against the three.

The Prosecutor's Office submitted the applications on Toobal and Laasi today and on Vaarmann on 21 February, spokesman for the State Prosecutor’s Office Kadri Tammai told today.

The Prosecutor's Office plans to charge Toobal and Laasi with instigating unauthorized surveillance and the violation of confidentiality of messages, accusing them of influencing Ivor Onksion to illegally access Hannes Rumm’s mail account and forward e-mails from the account.

Toobal could also face charges of document forgery regarding a revenue voucher for the Center Party showing fictitious cash donations worth 12,030 euros.

Similar applications had been submitted by the Prosecutor's Office once before, but the Chancellor of Jjustice rejected them on the grounds that they are unconstitutional and turned to the Supreme Court to clear the matter.

On 17 February, the Supreme Court found that current legislation, which gives the Chancellor the competence to judge whether the Prosecution can carry on criminal investigations against MPs is constitutional.