Paet Reaffirms Support for Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, on a visit to Ukraine, said Estonia will continue to support activities that bolster Ukraine’s society and rule of law.

Paet said that it is important to ease tensions on the streets and in the regions, and restore public trust in the authority of the state, adding that the most vital task now is to set up a functioning government, reported today.

Estonia has decided to support the victims of unrest with an additional 50,000 euros, the minister said and added that there is a continuing need for medical aid, psychological counseling and support for the families of victims.

“All political forces, all important political forces in the parliament have accepted that a new government must be formed as quickly as possible, while also aiming for early presidential elections on 25 May. All this, the firm signals, the specific actions by the parliament are the only possible actions to get people off the streets,” Paet said.

He stressed that all political transitions must take place within the framework of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.