The Weekend's Weather: Almost Time to Engage Your Garden Pre-Planning ({{commentsTotal}})

The weekend's temperatures are predicted to be just high enough to make your thoughts turn towards spring, with the mercury hovering above freezing and the local stores beginning to stock up on seeds and supplies for the garden.

The next few days will not dissuade anyone of any optimistic impulses, as the forecast calls for temperatures to remain in the +5 C range (+1 in the countryside), with decreasing cloudiness and mild wind continuing over the weekend into Monday.

According to the long-range forecast, Tuesday may see a slight drop in temperature (+2 C), but the rest of next week is supposed to contain partly-cloudy skies and highs of around 6 C, with a slight chance of rain starting on Wednesday.

For those who miss the snow and the skiing, there is only one sure way of coaxing winter back to Estonia – pack away you winter boots, clothes, skis and sledges into your closets, basements and attics. The more inconvenient the packing process, the faster winter will make a come-back.