Reform Party Officially Backs Kallas for PM ({{commentsTotal}})

Siim Kallas was named the Reform Party's candidate for prime minister by the party's congress on Saturday, which also approved the party's program for the European Parliament elections.

Kallas received the green light by the party's leadership earlier, but he now has the official backing of party members, and can begin negotiations to form the next government if President Toomas Hendrik Ilves hands him the task.

Speaking about the party's program for the upcoming EP elections, former Justice Minister Kristen Michal said that economy and security issues dominate.

He said Rail Baltic and the Balticconnector gas line between Estonia and Finland are high on the priorities list.

“Estonia's conclusive separation from Russia and conjoining to Europe have a strong place in our program,” Arto Aas, the Chairman of the Parliament's European Union Affairs Committee.

MP Kaja Kallas said a new EU agreement should be signed in Tallinn in 2018, when the nation hold EU's rotating presidency, which would make the union more efficient and united.

She said such an agreement could be called the "Tallinn Treaty".

If the Reform Party wins places in the new European Parliament the party's MEP must report on their activities in front of the Estonian Parliament once a year, Kallas said.