Ukrainian Government Formed by Thugs Has No Mandate, Savisaar Says ({{commentsTotal}})

Edgar Savisaar
Edgar Savisaar Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The situation in Ukraine can be solved only after a legitimate government has been installed because the current cabinet is dictated by thugs who have no mandate or competence, Chairman of the Center Party Edgar Savisaar said.

Savisaar told Postimees today that solutions can come only after basic public order has been restored in Kiev and western and eastern Ukraine. Only then can foreign aid be discussed, either from Europe, USA, Asia or all three.

Savisaar, whose party has a co-operation agreement with Vladimir Putin’s party United Russia, said the only legitimate authority in Ukraine would be a consensus government made up of representatives from all regions. “The current government, formed under the dictate of thugs, unfortunately lacks a mandate or even competence to hold free elections. Not to mention solving other fundamental issues facing the country.”

He added that Ukraine offers a lesson on how the stability of the country is not ensured by power structures but a strong democracy and social unity.

“I think the extremes in the distribution of wealth, which have led to the domestic crisis in Ukraine, are a lesson that Estonia should carefully study. In an environment like that, the society becomes vulnerable to any kind of intervention and the independent statehood could be under threat,” Savisaar said.