Reinsalu: Ansip Should Postpone Resignation ({{commentsTotal}})

IRL Chairman Urmas Reinsalu
IRL Chairman Urmas Reinsalu Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Defense Minister and IRL Chairman Urmas Reinsalu said Prime Minister Andrus Ansip should delay his and the government's resignation until the situation in Ukraine stabilizes.

“It is the Prime Minister's decision, but as the current Defense Minister, I sincerely hope he thinks about the timing, as the scale of the crisis, in the context of the world's security, should be reason enough,” Reinsalu told today.

He said the government change should wait until the escalation of the crisis is over.

A government that has resigned, with a new cabinet yet to take office, should not make very important decisions in the interim period, a handicap which could affect the government's capability, Reinsalu said.

The Government Office today said that Ansip will hand in his resignation to the President on Tuesday, after which a new candidate to form the new cabinet, must be appointed in 14 days.