Russian Media Morphed Into Propaganda Machine, Says Estonian Media Expert ({{commentsTotal}})

Media expert Raul Rebane said after the events in Ukraine huge changes have taken place in the Russian news arena.

“I have not seen anything like what is going on now in the past 30 years, in the Perestroika period, where media has been 100 percent replaced by propaganda,” Rebane said, speaking on ERR radio on Monday.

He said that Russian TV channels on Sunday showed people fleeing Ukraine, saying that they were refugees driving to Russia, but were in reality people driving to Poland. Clips from Maidan were also aired, with the media saying that the events were actually happening in Crimea.

Rebane said lingo used by Russian news channels has changed into something resembling jargon used during World War II, with slogans such as “the flag must be protected until the end” and “we stand as one.”

“It is a war of interpretation, over whose version ends up on top,” Rebane said.