Discord in the Center Party Over Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Young supporters of the Centre Party, May 2010
Young supporters of the Centre Party, May 2010 Source: Photo: Den za Dnjom / Scanpix

Several senior members of the Center Party went against the party line on Tuesday, condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and clearly distancing themselves from the position of party leader and mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar.


The rebels include Mailis Reps, an MP and member of the Delegation to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, who visited Ukraine in February, MP and vice chairman of the party Enn Eesmaa, the former mayor of Tallinn and current MP Jüri Ratas, and former deputy mayor and current MP Olga Sõtnik, uudised.err.ee reported.

Savisaar told the daily Postimees on Monday that Ukraine’s current government was formed "under the diktat of thugs."

Ratas, who is running for the European Parliament, said Tuesday that Russia must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and international agreements and recognize Ukraine’s current government.

Eesmaa also said he considers Ukraine’s government legitimate.

Reps considers Russia’s actions an attack on Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Sõtnik said the Center Party should consider ending the co-operation agreement made with United Russia, the party of President Vladimir Putin, in 2004.