A Joke Scholarship Founded for Advancing Local Stand-Up Comedy ({{commentsTotal}})

Three Estonian stand-up comedy groups established a privately funded scholarship for advancing local stand-up culture, kultuur.err.ee reported on Tuesday.

Naljastipendium (Joke Scholarship) was established by Monoteater, Komeediklubi and Kinoteater, which have all been active in the local entertainment scene for a few years. The 1,500 euro scholarship is available for single artists or groups for projects, studies or visiting festivals.

“The joke scholarship is a serious matter,” Paul Pilk, one of the founders said, adding that a stand-up comedian is like a court fool — pointing out important issues and prolonging people’s lives. He said that many good ideas have not gotten off the ground due to lack of money.

Applications can be made on the website www.naljastipendium.ee and the first deadline is April 1. Piik stressed this opportunity is no April Fools' joke.