Estlink 2 to Open, Tripling Power Flow Across Gulf ({{commentsTotal}})

Transmission system operators Elering and Fingrid are set to open the undersea EstLink 2 cable today, increasing power connectivity between Estonia and Finland sufficiently to allow them to be considered a single electricity market region.

Elering, the Estonian TSO, said that the EstLink trial period showed that there was high demand for the cable as the quantities exchanged have been much bigger than expected, reported.

Preparations for the project began more than five years ago and cost 320 million euros, which is split between Fingrid and Eleringi vahel. The project received 100 million euros in EU investment support.

EstLink 2 is a 650 megawatt "pipe," compared to EstLink 1's 350 megawatts (a megawatt is equivalent to roughly one million watts). It is also considerably longer, extending from east of Helsinki to northeastern Estonia.