Michal: Reform Open to Working With Social Dems, IRL ({{commentsTotal}})

As the search for a new government goes ahead, Reform Party member Kristen Michal said he sees possibilities for cooperation with both the Social Democrats and IRL.

"We will form our delegation for consultations on Friday. The official talks can start once the president makes a proposal to someone to form the government," Michal told uudised.err.ee.

Michal said he didn't envision working with the Center Party, whose leader, Edgar Savisaar, has become something of a pariah in some circles. "No doubt everyone has seen [Savisaar's] statements on security matters and that rules out cooperation," Michal said.

Michal said the plan on Friday was to discuss starting positions. "The main topics are the security field and Estonian independence in energy matters and connecting with Europe. Our desire to lower workforce taxes and continuing the reform of the rise of need-based child benefits are other topics. I see possibilities for discussion with IRL and the Social Dems."

Michal said the Reform Party had launched reform of child benefits in 2013 and need-based benefit would double by 2015.