Lone Holdout: Parliament's Ukraine Resolution Was 'Waste of Time' ({{commentsTotal}})

The Center Party member who was the only MP to vote against Parliament's condemnation of Russia's Crimean invasion says the discussion was a "colossal waste of time" and that he would prefer to focus on domestic issues.

"We have a great number of problems in our own country, everyone knows that," said Mihhail Stalnuhhin on ERR Radio news. 

"And it turned out that the prime mninister who spoke before us did not tell us the truth when he sketched a picture of the current official Ukraine, as he himself believes it to be somehow different."

Stalnuhhin was referring to the leak of a phone call between Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and a European Commission official. In that recording, Paet conveyed views attributed to a participant in the Maidan demonstrations, which he said were not necessarily his own views.  

On Wednesday evening, Parliament passed the declaration supporting Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity with 75 voted in favor. Stalnuhhin's was the only vote against. The last such parliamentary declaration was passed in 2008 after Russia invaded Georgia.