Lauristin: Savisaar's Position on Ukraine Sounds Like Interfront, Not Popular Front ({{commentsTotal}})

Veteran politician and public intellectual Marju Lauristin blasted Center Party leader Edgar Savisaar for comments made on Ukraine, saying he was abandoning his Popular Front roots for something indistinguishable from a revanchist Russian stance.

Lauristin, a journalism professor who is today a Social Democrat, was a member of the Popular Front led by Savisaar in the 1990s, sharing strong mainstream Estonian independence ideals.  

Lauristin told Postimees that Savisaar's recent comment "cut her to the core," because, she said, it was the same thing she had heard from Moscow-controlled media earlier.

She recalled how Savisaar had once, on 15 May 1990, called on the public to come to the defense of the government hill in Tallinn against Interfront forces who aimed to tear down the Estonian flag. She said it was much like the Ukrainian flag was torn down on a government building in Kharkiv last week.

"It was quite terrible to read Savisaar's words, because for me it meant he had actually betrayed the Popular Front and gone over to the Interfront," Lauristin told the paper.