Cabinet Approves Border Treaty Ratification Instrument ({{commentsTotal}})

The ratification document for the Estonian-Russian border treaty signed on February 18 now heads to Parliament, where leading MPs say it will be discussed promptly.  

With Russia now dominating breaking news as it has not for years, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet has said the treaty should not be linked to events in Ukraine, and maintains that a formal agreement on the state border will be beneficial for Estonia, reported.

Several amendments to laws will be necessitated by the treaty - the National Border Act and Sea Border Act chief among them.

Because of the symbolic importance of the 1920 Tartu Peace Treaty that governs the border, Parliament back in 2005 took a legally nuanced position in an effort to preserve the historical treaty's role. That caused Russia to walk away from the ratification process in its legislature and sent the process back to the start.