Reform Party Confirms It Will Negotiate With IRL, Social Dems ({{commentsTotal}})

The three parties that partnered up in Andrus Ansip's second administration will be involved in talks to form the next government, with the Center Party excluded in no uncertain terms, it emerged today after a meeting of the Reform Party's board.  

With emotions running high about who might be left out, the prime ministerial candidate Siim Kallas's language was nuanced after the meeting. "Pro Patria and Res Publica Union has sent us their proposals for a new coalition agreement and based on our long cooperation we know the common ground we can achieve with them. We will start consultations for mapping the positive shared values with the Social Democrats as well."

"As of today, we don't rule out forming a coalition with either parliamentary force, but we do not plan to hold consultations with the Center Party," he said.

Kallas added that national security had risen to the forefront. "Besides security, the most important things for us are lowering workforce taxes and continuing reforming the rise of child benefits."