Prosecutors Seek 16-Year Sentence for Tunisian Man in Killing of Wife ({{commentsTotal}})

A Tunisian man is facing a relatively long prison sentence for murder and physical abuse in the death of his Estonian wife last June 26.

In closing arguments yesterday in Harju County Court, district prosecutor Rita Siniväli sought a 16-year sentence followed by expulsion for Mohamed Helmi Jebnoun, 41.

Defender Mihkel Gaver said that the charges should be downgraded to homicide and that Jebnoun should get the average sentence for tapmine, a crime roughly equivalent to second-degree murder or aggravated manslaughter, about 10 years.

The sentence will be handed down on March 27.

In court in February, Jebnoun testified that he killed his wife without an intent to do so.

According to the coroner, the woman was choked with a belt and then stabbed several times with a kitchen knife in the chest and stomach.

Jebnoun was also accused of an earlier incident involving spousal abuse, when he allegedly struck his wife several times on Octoebr 28, 2012.

The Penal Code mandates a sentence of 8-20 years for murder.