In Narva, Northern and Eastern European Foreign Ministers Condemn Russian Aggression ({{commentsTotal}})

At a Narva summit called by Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet, foreign ministers from the Nordic, Baltic and Visegrad countries condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and called for an EU observer mission in Ukraine.

"The situation in Ukraine is critical," read a statement issued by the ministers, who met yesterday and today. "An act of aggression has been committed against a European country by Russian military forces."

It continued: "Referring to the Statement of the European Council on Ukraine from 6 March 2014, NB8 and V4 Ministers condemn the unprovoked violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity by the Russian Federation and call on the Russian Federation to immediately withdraw its armed forces to the areas of their permanent stationing, in accordance with the relevant agreements. The Ministers call on the Russian Federation to revoke the decision of the Federation Council, which is a violation of international law."

They also denounced the referendum on Crimean independence called for later this month. "The decision to hold an illegitimate referendum in Crimea on accession to the Russian Federation violates the Ukrainian constitution and, as such, is unacceptable."