Women's Congress Calls for Quotas, Action to Close Gender Gap ({{commentsTotal}})

The sixth women's congress of Estonia, held in the National Library on International Women's Day, adopted a declaration calling for gender quotas and "striped lists" of candidates at elections, where male and female names alternate.

"We find that women, their ideas, words, deeds, knowledge, work and art are less valued than men and what men do," the declaration adopted Saturday read. "This is demonstrated by Europe's biggest gender salary gap and the current situation in politics and the economy, where executive positions are largely held by men.

"Unlike other democracies in Europe, Estonia has not set goals for reducing gender equality or specific measures for promoting equality."

It also said the Parliament Election Act must establish equal opportunity to become elected for both male and female candidates, and thus a "striped list requirement must be established from 2015." The congress also declared that management bodies at state owned companies must be at least 40 percent female, with gender balance ensured in the Cabinet as well.