Latvia and Lithuania Under Russian Energy Occupation, Liive Says ({{commentsTotal}})

Sandor Liive
Sandor Liive Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

When it comes to power, Latvia and Lithuania are under Russian occupation, because they are completely dependent on electricity imported from Russia and cannot sell electricity to each other, Sandor Liive, the chairman of the board of Eesti Energia, said on Sunday.

“In terms of business, stopping sales in Latvia and Lithuania is not a big loss; we can survive,” Liive told Ärileht, whose company suffered a 13-million euro loss in expenses for cross-border electricity sales since June. Eesti Energia is currently demanding that transmission system operator Elering pay 9 million of those expenses.

According to Liive, in the Baltic States, the possibilities for producing energy unrelated to Russian gas are marginal.

“The system operators, including Elering, have generated an organization of markets, where the Baltic states cannot sell power to each other, even though we have a surplus and the others have a deficit — it is not normal,” he said.