ERR Poll: Public Support Highest for Current Coalition Alternative ({{commentsTotal}})

The largest contingent prefers to see the current team of Reform Party and IRL continue as the ruling coalition, with the currently discussed alternative of Reform Party and the Social Democrats getting only half as much support, a TNS Emor poll commissioned by ERR showed.

The survey was conducted from March 4 to 6 by telephone. A sample of 550 respondents was read five theoretical options that would guarantee a majority in the current Parliament.

Some 25 percent of the respondents supported the current Reform-IRL coalition, and 17 percent favored a tripartite coalition including the Social Democrats.

Thirteen percent supported a coalition between the Reform Party and the Social Democrats. Ten percent were in favor of a coalition of the Social Democrats, Center and IRL, while only 7 percent wanted to see a Reform-Center coalition.

Considered separately, the Estonian-speaking population showed even higher support for the Reform-IRL coalition - 29 percent - with 21 percent in favor of the expanded version including the Social Dems.

Among Russian speaking respondents, the Center Party, Social Democrat and IRL tripartite coalition led with 21 percent support, followed by Reform-Centre with 19 percent.