This Month's Weather Wakes Hedgehogs From Hibernation ({{commentsTotal}})

Hedgehogs in Estonia are on the prowl - a month early. a Postimees offshoot reports.

The animals spend the winter in leaf litter-lined burrows, often under tree roots, and hibernate from October or November to March or April. 

"It's been a mild winter and the temperature in the burrows is rising to the point where the animals are coming out to see what is going on," biologist Minna Rintala told Tarbija24.

She stressed it was too early for food, and indeed the animals usually start feeding in April. 

What's in store for the week ahead? Vegetative growth may be here before we know it. Today may see highs of +12 inland, and the Meterology and Hydrology Institute is calling for near record temperatures again on Thursday, including 8-10 C in inland regions. A drop is then expected for next weekend, but not a return to winter, but rather late March temperatures (0-4 C by day, -4 to +1 C by night).