Ethnic Russians in Narva Doubt Crimea Scenario Could Recur in Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

According to ERR’s Narva correspondent Jüri Nikolajev, the ethnic Russians in the border town are emotional about events in Ukraine but doubt that anything similar could happen in Estonia.

Talking on a current affairs program on ETV on Tuesday, Nikolajev said that the mood is affected by the the events in Ukraine and street polls he has confirmed that local Russians support Russia but they don’t believe that anything similar could happen in Estonia.

Although people may approve of Russia’s actions privately, “they would never come to the streets”, even radical steps like “erecting a Nazi statue or banning Russian” in the mostly ethnically Russian areas would not move them to mass demonstrations, he said.

For one, there are no local leaders in Narva who could organize anything resembling Crimea, Nikolajev said.