Skype Voted Best Employer of 2013 ({{commentsTotal}})

Skype Estonia was voted best employer in an annual survey by the job portal CV Keskus. 

State-owned energy giant Eesti Energia, which held the top spot for two years, was pushed to second place, reported today.

Skype was praised for its salaries, valuing employees, good working environment, and colleagues, as well as innovation and even opportunities for exercise.

According Henry Auväärt, the marketing director of CV Keskus, Estonians place the highest value on the salary (37 percent), possibilities for professional development (29 percent), good colleagues (11 percent) and suitable working conditions (10 percent).

When choosing a job, men value the salary above all, while women are more interested in professional development and suitable working conditions. Young job-seekers value professional development and great colleagues.

A total of 4,083 people from various fields took part in the survey.

The top 20 (the position of the previous year is listed in brackets) is as follows:

1. (2.) Skype Technologies

2. (1.) Eesti Energia

3. (3.) Elion

4. (4.) Swedbank

5. (5.) EMT

6. (13.) ABB

7. (8.) Playtech Estonia

8. (11.) LHV Pank

9. (18.) Microsoft Estonia

10. (9.) Nortal

11. (14.) Kalev

12. (7.) SEB Pank

13. (10.) Kaubamaja

14. (-) Estravel

15. (16.) Eesti Rahvusringhääling (Estonian Public Broadcasting)

16. (12) Bank of Estonia

17. (17.) Nordea Bank Finland Plc Estonian Branch

18. (15.) State Forest Management Center

19. (-) A. Le Coq

20. (-) Transferwise Ltd Estonian Branch