Benefit Concert for Ukraine on Sunday ({{commentsTotal}})

A benefit concert featuring top Estonian acts will be held at noon on March 16 on Freedom Square in Tallinn.

The folk/trombone stylings of the Ukrainian-Estonian band Svjata Vetra (backed by the elite Police and Border Guard orchestra) and Tõnis Mägi are the most prominent names in a lineup that includes Siiri Sisask, Sofia Rubina, Lauri Saatpalu and Dagö, Margus Põldsepp, the Johansons, Maarja Sarv, Ukrainian folkloric ensemble Žurba, the singing group Vidlunnja and the mixed choir of the European Capital of Culture.

The mic will also be open to select speakers from Ukrainian-Estonian friendship groups and NGOs, such as Mall Hellam of the Open Estonia Foundation, who took part in many Orange Revolution events in 2004.

There will be a strong theme of remembrance of the Nebesna Sotnya, the victims of the violence on Maidan in Kyiv.

“It's a bow to the victims on Maidan and everyone who is supporting the Ukrainian people around the world," said Svjata Vetra's Ruslan Trochynskyi.