'Essential Estonian' Dictionary Released on National Language Day ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian dictionaries
Estonian dictionaries Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Today, National Language Day, brings the release of a new dictionary published by the Institute of the Estonian Language, containing 5,000 of the most important Estonian words. The volume is meant as an aid for both beginners as well as advanced students of the language.

The dictionary contains words that are vital for acquiring Estonian language skills on an intermediate level, ERR radio reported today.

The words were selected according to how necessary they are in daily interactions and their frequency.

Editor Jelena Kallas, who was involved with the project for three years, said the most difficult thing for a student of Estonian is to understand which grammatical forms go with which words, which is why the words are explained in very simple terms and only using words that are in the dictionary itself.

The dictionary comes with sample sentences and collocations, that is, words that are often used together. There are also images and worksheets that show how to use punctuation, how to write numbers, dates, time or a letter and a CV, and also grammatical tables and lists of countries, nations and languages.

While the majority of dictionaries are intended as tools for understanding or translating texts, the new dictionary is compiled with the aim of helping people speak and write Estonian correctly, editor of the dictionary Maria Tuulik said. Therefore, it can also be used by Estonians as a resource.

By autumn, the dictionary will be available for free online and the web version will include the correct pronunciation of words.