Russia Has Little Use for Estonia, Says Historian ({{commentsTotal}})

As Estonia's strategic importance lies in its ports and the nation is protected by the EU and NATO, Estonia does not need to fear a Russian attack, says historian David Vseviov.

Speaking on ETV's “Ringvaade” program on Monday, Vseviov said recent developments suggest the world has returned to the 12th century, where happiness comes from conquests of foreign lands.

He said even Russian experts have no predominant explanation to President Vladimir Putin's reasoning: holding on to power, playing internal political games, increasing his popularity, or solving financial woes.

The slogan “Today Ukraine, Tomorrow Estonia” has little truth in it, says Vseviov, as Estonia offers little benefit to Russia. Estonia's strategic location is far from what the Crimea has to offer, and the costs would out weigh any benefits of conquering Estonia, he said.