Andres Tolts Dead at 64, Figure in 1970s Pop Art and Design ({{commentsTotal}})

Andres Tolts, a prominent member of a school of pop art that came of age in the 1960s thaw, has died, reported. 

Art historian Anders Härm told the website: "Tolts was one of Estonia's first and probably the most consistent pop artist. He was part of that famous generation that also includes Leonhard Lapin and Ando Keskküla. Lapin and Keskküla changed their style, but Tolts continued a system he himself developed."

As he matured in the 1960s and 1970s, he moved from avant-garde preoccupations to more conventional formats: paintings, collages and book illustrations. From the mid 1970s, he was the manager and house artist at the almanac Kunst ja Kodu, considered a progressive publication in the Estonian SSR. 

In particular, as the Estonian Institute wrote in a profile of an exhibition in 2006, he was noted for soaking up visual minutiae from his Soviet-era environment. An entire series, Forms, took letterheads, even the form of a KGB agent's report and, in the artist's own words, "goes crazy" on them, while remaining governed by good taste.