Reform Party Plans No Confidence Motion Against Savisaar ({{commentsTotal}})

Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar
Mayor of Tallinn Edgar Savisaar Source: Photo: Jacques-Alain Finkeltroc

The Reform Party said they are continuing to muster support for a no-confidence vote against Tallinn Mayor Edgar Savisaar for his taxpayer-funded trip to the Sochi Games in February.

“We find it hard to trust a mayor who has used Tallinn taxpayer money to hold private meetings in the Russian Federation and exchanged his Estonian national team jacket for one of the Russian Railways one in Sochi,” Martin Kukk, the head of the party's faction in Tallinn Council, said today.

Kukk said the party asked Savisaar to return the 2,384 euros, and the Russian Railways jacket he was pictured wearing while in Sochi.

He said Savisaar was in Russia on the invitation of the head of the nation's railway company, Vladimir Yakunin.