District Court Rules Against Education Minister in Request for Information Made as MP ({{commentsTotal}})

Jevgeni Ossinovski
Jevgeni Ossinovski Source: (ERR)

Tallinn District Court has ruled against current Minister of Education Jevgeni Ossinovski's 2012 bid to access ministry documents on instructional language reform. The complaint was brought by Ossinovki back when he was a junior MP. 

The decision was made late on Thursday by the District Court, which upheld Tallinn Administrative Court's decision in the same matter. 

In 2012, Ossinovski requested documents regarding the transition of Russian schools to using Estonian as the language of instruction, but was refused because the documents were confidential. The content of the documents is reportedly analysis of the situation. 

In 2013, Ossinovski filed a complaint in the Tallinn Administrative Court against the ministry and the Date Protection Inspectorate. The court said the papers are work-related correspondence and did not fall under freedom of information legislative requirements, rus.err.ee reported.

Ossinovski became Education Minister in late March in Taavi Rõivas's interim government.