The Weekend's Weather: Waiting Game ({{commentsTotal}})

Was yesterday's snow shower in Tallinn the last significant accumulation of the year? The long wait for summer can now begin, as minus temperatures should be replaced by double digit positive degrees starting today, the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute's forecast shows.

Friday's top mark (close to 15 C in Põlva County, for the second time this month) is a sign of things to come over the next few days, with temperatures reaching 10 C on both Saturday and Sunday, but only in select areas and could be accompanied by rain.

Two low-pressure areas are expected to fight over Estonia, bringing chances of rain and strong winds. Friday night's rain clouds should be replaced by a sunnier outlook on Saturday.

But expect more rain, except for on the islands, on Sunday. Friday's winds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, should become more pacific, down to a maximum of 36 kph.

Looking ahead to next week, temperatures should remain around the 10 C mark during the day, dropping to 0 C at night.