IRL Against Registering Same-Sex Couples ({{commentsTotal}})

Civil Marriage Registration Office in Tallinn
Civil Marriage Registration Office in Tallinn Source: Photo: ERR

IRL’s parliamentary faction does not support a bill aiming to officially register cohabitating couples, including same-sex couples.

According to the faction, marriage is the best way to register the union of a man and a woman and there is no reason to create "unfinished solutions," reported today.

“Today, there is no need for additional regulation of cohabitation, as practically all fields have already been regulated legally in various laws,” the faction said in a statement.

IRL does not support legalizing gay marriage or cohabitation because such major steps need a wide-ranging consensus and currently there is none on this issue.

The faction added that since no political party raised the issue in the previous elections, the bill should wait until the next parliamentary elections. IRL also said that there have been no broad public discussions on the adoption rights of same sex couples, for example, and ensuring the rights of children born to unmarried couples is the most important issue at the moment.

A working group was set up today in Parliament to prepare such a bill.