Minority of Finns See Russia as Security Threat ({{commentsTotal}})

Although Finland has developed closer ties with NATO and is commonly viewed as not harboring particularly warm feelings for Russia, a recent poll found that the public in Estonia's northern neighbor doesn't see much potential for a wider confrontation.     

The poll by marketing research company Taloustutkimus found that only one in four Finns felt Russia could be a threat to Finland's security in the future, Yle reported. 

The poll shows that despite the events in Ukraine, Finnish attitudes have not changed much in the last 12 months, the public broadcaster said. 

Commenting on the results, Minister for European Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Stubb said it was a sign of Finnish rationalism and peace-oriented attitudes.

"Russia has been a neighbor for a long time. We have been a part of Russia and we have had more difficult periods in history. Sometimes things go very well and at other times the situation is worse. We are currently going through a worse stage," Stubb was quoted as saying. 

Twenty-four percent of Finns said Russia could be a future threat. Seventy-five percent felt otherwise, with only 1 percent not taking a side. 

Thirty percent said Finland should actively support economic sanctions and 59 percent were opposed to sanctions. Eleven percent did not answer.