IRL Rules Out Political Co-Operation With the Center Party ({{commentsTotal}})

Margus Tsahkna.
Margus Tsahkna. Source: (ERR)

IRL will not engage in political co-operation with the Center Party while in opposition in the parliament, member of the IRL faction Margus Tsahkna said on Monday.


IRL will not be preparing common bills for enacting certain policies or coordinating their activities in detail like the Social Democrats and the Center Party did. “If the parliament votes unanimously for raising child benefits, it is the personal decision of IRL, because we support raising child benefits if we see it is financially covered,” Tsahkna told

He said the claim IRL will co-operate with the Center Party is not accurate. “Perhaps there is confusion over what co-operation is. Co-operation, in reality, is political co-operation and we will not have any with the Center Party while we’re in the opposition,” he said.

He said the Social Democrats and the Reform Party have little in common and IRL and the Center Party are even further apart from each other, adding that “unfortunately, the party is still led by Edgar Savisaar and his statements should be unacceptable to the entire Estonian nation”.