Savisaar 'Persecuted' by the Press Over Moscow Visit, Toobal Says ({{commentsTotal}})

Center Party Secretary General Priit Toobal
Center Party Secretary General Priit Toobal Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Priit Toobal, secretary general of the Center Party, said that the polemics around the party leader Edgar Savisaar’s visit to Russia amounts to unconstitutional persecution.

Toobal told ETV on Monday that Savisaar visited Russia as the mayor of Tallinn.

“What you are doing around Edgar Savisaar is political persecution - unconstitutional,” he added.

Savisaar was on a visit to Moscow last week and on his return he was greeted by a throng of journalists, eager to get a comment on the controversial statements he made in Moscow.

Reportedly Savisaar said in a lecture in Moscow that the effect of the World War II in Estonia was not as grave as the past 20 years of right-wing liberal government.

The mayor was reluctant to give explanations at the airport but later claimed he never compared the damages in his lecture, instead he compared the effects of war and occupations and the liberal policies on the Estonian population.