Meikar: Putin's Goal is to Control Ukraine ({{commentsTotal}})

Silver Meikar
Silver Meikar Source: Photo: ERR

Former MP Silver Meikar, currently an adviser at the Estonian Institute of Human Rights, says Russian President Vladimir Putin aims to bring Ukraine under his influence, and a weak central government in Kyiv will serve that goal.

Speaking on ETV's “Välisilm” program on Monday, Meikar said Ukrainians and Tatars in Ukraine are living in fear, and even if no military conflict breaks out, the human rights situation has been hit hard.

“His aim is a power shift in Kyiv […] There a number of paths for that. One way is to destabilize Ukraine in the long term. Ukraine is close to bankruptcy and it is clear if IMF's funds fail to materialize, then the situation will be dire,” he said, adding that gas prices are expected to increase from April 1.

Meikar said a propaganda offensive has also been unleashed, with infiltrators "sowing confusion."